Uluslararası Kongre Bildirileri

Uluslararası Kongre Bildirileri


1. Kurtsoy A, Akdemir H, Menkü A, Tucer B, Öktem İS, Koç RK: Neuronavigation in skull base tumors. 12th World Congress of   Neurosurgery,  16-20 September 2001, Sydney (poster)

2. Koç RK, Öktem İS, Kurtsoy A, Tucer B, Akdemir H: Adult diastematomyelia. 12th World Congress of Neurosurgery, 16-20 September   2001, Sydney (poster)

3. Akdemir H, Menkü A, Kurtsoy A, Tucer B, Öktem İS, Koç RK: Kontaş O, Kulaksızoğlu O: Frameless stereotaxy for vascular malformation:   Preliminary clinical experiences in 12 cases. 12th World Congress of Neurosurgery, 16-20 September 2001, Sydney (poster)

4. Koç RK, Menkü A, Akdemir H, Tucer B, Kurtsoy A, Öktem İS. Cervical spondilotic myelopaty and radicülopathy treated by multilevel   oblique corpectomies without fusion. World Spine 2, Aug 10-13 2003, Chicago (oral)

5. Menkü A, Koç RK, Tucer B, Akdemir H, Göçmez G. Bilateral decompression of lumbar spinal stenosis via hemilaminectomy. World Spine      2, Aug 10-13 2003, Chicago (oral)

6. Koc RK, Menku A, Tucer B, Göçmez C, Akdemir H. Anterior cervical foraminotomy for unilateral spondylotic radiculopathy. Cervical           Spine Research Society- European Section (CSRS-E), May 30- June 05 2004, Porto (poster)

7. Menku A, Koc RK, Tucer B, Kulaksızoğlu O, Akdemir H. Evaluation of the role of magnetic resonance myelography in lateral recess     syndrome. International Society for the Study of the Lumbar Spine (ISSLS), May 30- June 05 2004, Porto (poster)

8. Özer F, Koc RK, Naderi S. Odontoid fractures treated with transodontoid screw fixation. 21st Annual meeting of the Cervical Spine   Research Society- European Section, June 16-17 2005, Roma (poster)

9.Özer F, Koc RK, Naderi S. Lumbosacral dynamic fixation in dejenerative lumbosacral spine.World Spine III 31 July-3 August 2005, Rio de   Janeiro, Brazil (poster)

10. Koc RK, Menkü A, Tucer B, Gökoğlu A, Küçük A, Karademir M. En bloc cervical laminoplasty with preserving posterior structure. 27th   Annual Meeting of the CSRS-ES. 08-11 June 2011, İstanbul, Turkey

11. Tümtürk A, Koç RK: Treatment of atlanto-axial Instability related to os odontoideum due to Smith-McCort dysplasia. 3rd Middle East   Spine Meeting. Cairo, Egypt. 12-14 May, 2015

12. Koc RK, Tümtürk A, Ulutabanca H, Küçük A: Outcomes after suboccipital decompression without dural opening in Chiari malformation   Type I. 16th World Congress of Neurosurgery. 20-25 August 2017, Istanbul

13. Meral M, Küçük A, Ulutabanca H, Oral Ş, Koç RK: Adult split cord malformation. 6th Congress of the Middle East Spine Society.   September 23-25 2022, İstanbul Turkey (oral)